A Day in Phetchabun - Goody Cafe

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A Day in Phetchabun - Goody Cafe

Goody Cafe

A cafe hidden in the garden, in the sunlight that shines through the leaves. It is a peaceful retreat where you can sip a hot coffee with your favorite book or chat with friends in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This cafe is a special corner where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world and immerse yourself in the joys of life just the way you are.


It's great to start your day with a variety of breakfast styles. Whether it's a continental breakfast or a buffet breakfast. Using fresh ingredients for breakfast not only provides your body with good nutrition, but it also helps to refresh the mind, with hot drinks that stimulate energy and fruit juices that are full of vitamins. Make your new day start perfectly.

A Day in Phetchabun - Goody Eatery

Goody Eatery

Experience superior dining with a variety of delicious styles. Thai, Italian and American cuisine is carefully selected from the finest ingredients through the restaurant's unique recipes. Guaranteed unique deliciousness The staff is attentive and smiling. The atmosphere of the restaurant is decorated in a stylish, relaxing, warm, perfect for your special meal.